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Project X-Files: Ents of Coral Reefs

  - Xestospongia muta- a Foundational and Indicator species: Linking Ecology             and Systematics

  - OASIS for Biodiversity: Oscillators and Attractors of Symbiotic Interactions               between Species

  - Dates: 2012- ongoing

  - Project's website:

Mesophotic Reef Sponges from Puerto Rico

   - Dates: 2013 - ongoing

   - In situ biodiversity study of mesophotic reef sponges using                                     closed circuit rebreather technology

   - Study the connectivity between shallow and mesophotic reef sponges

   - Perform molecular and classical taxonomic analysis to identify the sponges

   - Online database with pictures and descriptions of sponges from Puerto Rico

   - Study the biological activity of mesophotic reef sponges for the use of                   natural products and pharmaceutical drugs

   - Project's

Diversity and Distribution of Calcarea (Porifera) from Puerto Rico

   - Dates: 2013 - ongoing

   - Collaboration between Dr. Michelle Klautau's Laboratory 

   - Our research team recognized the need to study this class of marine sponges         due to the fact that there exists no published data regarding the calcareans           from Puerto Rico 

   - Project's website:

Underwater Archaeology and Ecology of a WWII B-29 Superfortress Bomber

   - Dates: 2014 - ongoing

​   - Ecological surveys of the wreck and nearby reefs

​   - Detailed archaeological survey of the wreck 

   - Honor the crew of this WWII Bomber by placing a permanent commemorate           plaque in order to educate recreational divers who visit the site

   - Project's website:

Marine Sponges from the Island of Hawaii

  - Dates: 2008 - ongoing

   - Biodiversity study of Hawaiian shallow and deep marine sponges

   - Explore the biological activity of shallow and mesophotic reef sponges

   - Future: perform a detailed surveys and collection of shallow and mesophotic         reef sponges using closed circuit rebreather technology

   - Project's