HJR Reefscaping 

​  - Is an environmental consulting group, based out in Puerto Rico, composed of highly trained and experienced professionals. Their team of          scientists has a multidisciplinary skill set ranging from Marine Biology, Ecology, Geology, the Taxonomy of fauna and flora, which serves for      Construction, Restoration, Permitting, Protected Species Management, and Geographical information systems.  

  - Web site: www.hjrreefscaping.com

Jaaziel E. García-Hernández

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Illyrian Coastal Exploration Program 

​  - The ICEP offers scientific diving courses and research field work experience to students throughout the Balkan region in Croatia,                        Montenegro, and Albania. They bring together a diverse team of instructors from around the world who are experts in fields such as                  underwater archaeology, coastal ecology, marine geology, remote sensing technology, and artifact conservation. They also provide one of        the best and safest programs I have participated on, both in diving safety and scientific diving instruction. 

  - Web site: www.illyriancoast.org

Useful Links

Albanian Center for Marine Research

​  - The ACMR brings together a broad scope of marine science disciplines to document Albanian's marine ecosystem and conduct research            throughout the region. Their multidisciplinary marine science approach ensures a comprehensive analysis for scientists and integrative              solutions for coastal managers. 

  - Web site: www.albaniamarinecenter.org

Sea Grant Puerto Rico 

​  - The University of Puerto Rico Sea Grant College Program is an educational program dedicated to the conservation and sustainable use of            coastal and marine resources in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and the Caribbean region.  Their projects are carried out through                  research, education, and public service, all of which are supported by their Communications section. 

​  - Web site: www.seagrantpr.org